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S-00698 Anna's Ballet Set

Sweater fits children's sizes 5/6 to 14
Finished chest measures 25.7" - 34"

Legwarmers are sized in lengths from 16.75" to 21.75"

Worsted weight wool or wool blend yarn
#6 Needles (US) for sweater
Gauge: 5 sts & 7 rows = 1"

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Anna's Ballet Set

Detail of Front Bands
Front Detail

Correction Notice
November 7, 2000

Two errors have been discovered in the original version of the pattern (S-00698). These have been corrected in patterns numbered S-00698v2. Both corrections are on page 2 of the pattern. Note that in the original pattern the changes for each size are in columns to the right of the instructions; however, for clarity in the corrections below, the changes for each size are included in the sentences themselves.

Correction 1

The final instruction for the BACK reads: "Work 3 rows even." this is incorrect. The correct version should read:

Work even in stockinette for 4(4,6,6) rows. Bind off.

Correction 2

In the instructions for RIGHT FRONT, in the section called Shape Shoulder, the third sentence reads: "Work 5 more rows in stockinette." This should read:

Work 5(6,8,8) rows in stockinette.

Please accept my apologies for any problems this may have caused.

Margaret Radcliffe
Maggie's Rags

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