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Knitting Workshops and Classes - Finishing Techniques and Embellishments

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Classes are also available in the following areas:
Knitting Techniques
Pattern Stitches
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I-cord Intensive
You already know the basic uses of I-cord: ties, strings, mitten thumbs, and edging--now discover i-cord's huge range of uses. Decorative i-cord bind offs give you almost limitless creative options. Used for fringes and braids, i-cord holds up better than loose strands of yarn. Learn easy ways to knit i-cord right onto the surface of your knitting, in straight lines, zigzags and curves, and to sew it on free form. Use i-cord to easily start circular knitting from the center and flat knitting from the edge. (3 hrs)

Seaming Without Sewing
Love to knit but hate to seam? Knit beautiful garments, but hate the way they look when they're finished? Finishing can make the difference between "professionally hand crafted" and "home made." If you have sweaters in pieces just waiting to be finished becaues you find sewing annoying, have trouble seeing to sew, difficulty holding a sewing needle, or just plain hate to sew, this class is for you. Learn to use crochet, binding off, picking up, and knitting on make perfect seams, plus perfect afterthought pockets. (3 hrs)

Finishing Techniques for Handknitters
Learn to complete your knits like the pros. What do you need to decide about finishing before you cast on? When should you bind off, and when can other techniques be used? How can you shape your garment to make finishing easier? What's the best way to join shoulders and sew side seams? How can you pick up stitches and make professional looking borders? What to do about out-of-control buttonholes? This fast paced class is designed to cover all these aspects of finishing. (3 hrs)

Sew a Fine Seam
Seams can make the difference between "home made" and "hand crafted" in your knitting. Learn to sew perfect seams-side seams, shoulder seams, and armholes. Perfect your technique by practicing sewn seams in mattress stitch, weaving, and combinations of the two. Learn to knit seams rather than sew them, and add embellishments at the same time. (3 hrs)

Mastering Kitchener
In this hands on class, students will learn to use Kitchener stitch to weave knitted pieces together in stockinette and garter stitch, and for binding off without leaving a ridge. Using weaving in finishing and altering garments will also be covered in detail. (3 hrs)

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