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Knitting Workshops and Classes - Pattern Stitches

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Knitting Techniques
Finishing Techniques and Embellishments
Design and Creativity


The Lazy Knitter's Guide to Pattern Stitches
A whole bag of tricks for those who love to knit and hate to purl! Learn faux ribbing, a substitute for moss stitch, even lace patterns with nary a purl stitch. Garter ladders, lazy rib, brioche stitch, rose fabric, and tubular knitting will all be taught and swatched. (3 hrs)

Wonderful Woven Stitches
Using your two knitting needles and basic knitting stitches, discover the astonishing fabrics and textures you can create with the technique known as weaving. Create knitting that masquerades as woven fabric, easily combine colors into incredible tweeds, checks and polka dots (using only one color at a time, of course), and show off those hand painted yarns to best advantage. Amaze your knitting friends—some of these fabrics will stump the most experienced of them! (3 hrs)

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