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Flower Pot Hat 

This easy to knit hat is designed to fit preschool and elementary school children (aged about 4-9 years).

Flower Pot Hat

Materials: Worsted weight yarn, used doubled.

Needles: #8 US - 16" circular


This makes a child's size medium. To make a larger hat, cast on more stitches (use a multiple of 4 sts) and make the hat longer.

Note that two strands of yarn are used throughout the hat.

Cast on 60 sts.

Join ends of cast on row, being careful not to twist knitting.
Working circularly, knit until hat is 3 1/2" long.

Pattern Stitch
Round 1: Purl one round.
Round 2: On the next round, *K1, K into the stitch below* repeat around.
Round 3: Purl one round.
Round 4: On the next round, *K into the stitch below, K1* repeat around.

Repeat Rounds 1 and 2.

Note: To "knit into the stitch below," insert the tip of the needle into the stitch directly below the one you would normally knit. When the stitch has been knitted and slipped off the left needle, both strands (from the last 2 rows) will have been knitted up by the current stitch.

Work even in stockinette stitch until hat is 6 1/2" long.
Purl 2 rounds.
Work even in knitting until hat is 10" long.

On the next round, K2tog all the way around (30 sts).
Knit two rounds.
On the next round, K2tog all the way around (15 sts).
Break off yarn and pull through remaining stithces. Weave in ends.

Make a tassle. Add another strand of yarn, braid the string of the tassle .(about 3-4" long), and attach to top of hat 

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