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Knitting Tips - Gaps and Loose Stitches with Double Pointed Needles.

If there are loose stitches at the point where two needles meet, there are several things you can try that may fix the problem.

1) Pulling the yarn just a little tighter after working the first stich of each needle.

2) Working 2 to 4 additional stitches off the next needle each time you reach the end of the needle. This will move the loose stitch around the sock and make it less noticeable.

3) If you usually start a new needle with the empty needle behind the needle you just finished, try putting the new needle in front instead.

4) Be conscious of the position of your needles. Try to keep the point where the needles cross very close together.

5) If all else fails, just go back after the knitting is finished, and use a needle tip to pull the stitches on either side a little looser. They will each "steal" a little yarn from the problem area, and the knitting will look even overall.

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