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Knitting Tips - Knitting with Ribbon

Knitting with ribbon is pretty much the same as knitting with regular yarn. Some people feel that you have to keep the ribbon flat (prevent it from twisting) as you work, but I haven't found that to be the case. Of course, if it becomes so twisted that it compresses the ribbon into a tight cord, you would want to stop and untwist it, but you'd do that with yarn if it became too twisted while you were working, too.

Another consideration when working with ribbon is that it absolutely refuses to stay in neat balls. To keep it from getting tangled as it slides off the outside of the ball, you can purchase a "Yarn Bra," which is a little mesh bag that you stuff your yarn into. Or, you can take a knee-high stocking, roll the top down or cut it off, and put your ball of yarn in that to keep it neat.

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